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Our Story

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 food became a source of comfort for most and ordering in was the new norm.  To satisfy this increasing demand for good take out food
A Taste Of The Tropics was created.


Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica where culture and traditions are highly valued, the culinary team behind A Taste Of The Tropics Eatery turned their managerial skills, a passion for entertaining and the love of exceptional food into a business.  Sticking very close to their roots, using authentic spices imported directly from Jamaica along with time-honoured slow cooking methods this duo throws love and passion into every meal they create.  From classic Jamaican cuisine to North American dishes with an island twist your taste buds will come alive with flavours that will transport you to your own little spot in the tropics.

Inna Di Kitchen

From well known Jamaican dishes to your favourites with a Caribbean twist

A Taste Of The Tropics takes your taste buds on a journey of  mouth watering flavours; entrenched in tradition, incorporating days of meat marinating and slow cooking methods.


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